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    My favourite part in Order of the Phoenix is when Harry and Sirius are playing hide and seek in the Ministry and Sirius is being silly behind the veil then he jumps out at Harry like “Haha found you!” and then they laugh and high five and go out for ice cream at Fortescue’s.

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    “Flower Children”, the song that Gavin, Steel, and Caissie sang for the London tribe during their last week.  Absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking. From Gavin’s show at Birdland, 11.1.10.

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    A Little Brain | Kacie Sheik
    February House Original Cast Recording

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    East Village penthouse, NYC. Jane Kim Design.

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    Battersea, Victorian terraced house reno, London. Amory Brown.

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    Johns Island riverfront residence, FL. Croom Construction Company.


  11. I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie cover) - Gavin Creel

    If Heaven and Hell decide
    That they both are satisfied
    Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs
    If there’s no one beside you
    When your soul embarks
    Then I’ll follow you into the dark

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    "ain’t no other man"

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    Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

    good to know

    my brother is a police officer and these are all v true and things he made sure i knew but also remember the police can lie lie lie. the best thing, as mentioned, is to yell “i do not consent” repeatedly and hope someone will hear and act as an eyewitness for you

    this is super important and we need to circulate this especially with the upcoming chicago raid ?? we need to do everything we can to protect possible victims of police brutality and hate crimes. it is not okay to break the law that goes for the people being arrested and the people arresting. stay safe.

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    The memorial in Godric’s Hollow from the perspective of muggles and wizards.

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